Laws for Paws Qatar

Laws for Paws Qatar is run by Lucielle Burger who has more than 20 years experience in all aspects of the dog world.

From dog training, show dogs, working trials and Shutzhund to rescuing and rehabilitiating animals with the Qatar Animal Welfare Society, Lucielle has experience working with many different breeds and temperaments.

Lucielle DOES NOT aspire to be a “Dog Whisperer” or “Animal Behaviourist”, but assisting families with basic dog obedience and working abilities brings her much pleasure.

The obvious joy of a family member when their dog masters the commands “sit/stay/down” or even “find” is what drives Lucielle to want to help bring out a dog’s natural working personality.

All training is done with love, gentle persuasion… and some food!

Lucielle’s Quote: “The problem exists at the end of the lead… Not the dogs end!”

So┬áchanging your dog’s behaviour starts with YOU!

Contact Lucielle to help get the best out of your dog!

Paws 4 Laws Dog Training in Qatar
Laws 4 Paws Dog Training in Qatar

Please note the term and conditions on the Client Form.

Laws for Paws Qatar is a proud supporter of the Qatar Animal Welfare Society

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