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Attending puppy classes and it’s benefits

I’ve have been called in to assist a number of clients whose dogs won’t go outside, are scared of loud noises, people and other dogs. The reasons for this are simple – lack of socializing and not introducing your dog to new experiences as a puppy.

This is why Puppy Socialising & Basic Obedience classes are so important.

When I get an enquiry from a new client for a puppy between the ages of 8 – 12 weeks, the first information I send them is my Puppy Socialising document. It details ways to get your puppy used to new things.

While I wouldn’t suggest taking your puppy out into any environment that isn’t safe due to diseases (for unvaccinated puppies), it is important to expose it to new sights, smells and sounds on a regular basis while giving your puppy positive feedback by talking in an upbeat happy voice, praising and rewarding him for being interested in all these new experiences.

Our Puppy course incorporates the below list as well as giving ideas on things you can do to ensure your puppy becomes a well rounded adult.

Please be advised that puppies must be 3-months or older and vaccinated to attend the course.

Introducing your puppy to visitors: Making introductions; How to stop jumping; Stopping protective aggression before it starts.Dog training in Qatar

How the “pack” system works: Making sure your puppy knows whose in charge.

Basic games and Fun items to keep your puppy amused and stimulated: Easy toys you can make at home and how to use them.

Puppy Care : Teaching your puppy to stand still while doing basic checks; Bathing; Nail Clipping; Ear Checks; Feeding.

Puppy Discipline: How to say No!

Basic Obedience: Focus; Sit; Down; Stay; Come

Socialising will be a very important aspect of puppy classes.

Please note the terms and conditions on the Client Form 

Our next course starts on Saturday 14th February. To register please mail me on