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You know you’ve made it when there are articles in newspapers about you!

What can I say… I am no Ceasar Millan… but its nice to be asked one’s opinion based on one’s expertise:-)

Thank you Len from the Qatar Tribune for contacting me to do this article – bet you didn’t think you’d be meeting one of your newspaper’s original staff members, who’d gone from working in journalism to working with animals.

Secrets of a dog-training pro
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Llewellyn Flores


There is something about seeing a dog fetch a ball, roll over, or give you its paw to shake that doesn’t fail to make a person smile…no matter how many times the act is repeated. Every dog owner dreams of engaging in such activities with his pet. Unfortunately, dogs are not born with, nor will naturally grow up, equipped with those skills.

Not having these skills, however, does not diminish the joy a dog-owner gets from taking care of it. But there are skills that if not learned, can be a source of frustration.

According to founder and dog trainer of 15 years, Lucielle Burger, the three most important things that pets should be trained in are toilet habits, feeding routine and not jumping up on people.

To read the full article please click here to see the PDF on page 2 of the Chillout Section. (Thank you for your patience while it loads)

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