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Important information regarding Dog Training Lessons in Qatar

  1. For group training you will be notified via text message or WhatsApp in advance of venue. No ablutions available.
  2. Please bring your own refreshments and a comfy folding chair to sit if you wish.
  3. Please provide you own water for yourself and your dog.
  4. Please wear sport shoes.
  5. Please bring your dog’s vaccination card along with the application form and full payment with to class 1.
  6. New classes will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
  7. DON’T FORGET DOG TREATS!!! (Preferably soft quick eating treats like cold meat or cheese)
  8. Regular dog collars or standard slip collars (small link or long link) allowed. NO Harnesses. SPIKE COLLARS WILL BE CONFISCATED!!
  9. Standard leads (leather or nylon) allowed. NO retractable long lines OR loop leads.
  10. Pooh Bags for clean-up.

Please note the term and conditions on the Client Form

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