Veterinary Services

List of Veterinary Clinics in Qatar

Qatar Veterinary Centre (Aziziya)                            Contact: 4421 6405 * 6667 5235 (After Hours)*

Qatar Veterinary Centre (Duhail)                             Contact: 4498 9620 * 6667 5235 (After Hours)*

Al Tamimi Veterinary Clinic (West Bay)                 Contact: 4408 1492

Parkview Pet Center (Landmark)                            Contact: 4417 1560 * 5509 9494  (After Hours)*

Canadian Veterinary Hospital (Duhail)                   Contact: 4411 8850

The Veterinary Surgery (Bin Mahmoud)               Contact: 4436 7187

Royal Vet Clinic (Al Waab)                                         Contact: 4017 5721

Vetlife Clinic (Aziziya)                                                 Contact: 44871642

Diamond Veterinary Clinic (Abu Hamour)             Contact: 4481 4217


*After Hours Emergency Numbers

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