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Kaya & Sully – Success looms!!!

I can remember the first email I received from Nathalie & Phillipe – I could feel the stress they were experiencing, just reading their words.

They had rescued a mix breed dog off the streets of Doha and were having major issues with her. Everything from barking at people passing by the window, lunging at people in the street to rounding on her humans when she didn’t get her own way and not allowing her humans to go up the stairs without making a fuss on being left behind downstairs. Obedience nil! This was a pup who’d had a bad start… along with the fact that she thought she was totally in charge of everything and everyone. Pack leadership/Alpha was nonexistent in this home….

Sully, their older white poodle mix had belonged to Phillipe’s mum and after she passed away, came to live with the family – He was spoilt rotten but had health issues.

My first visit to their villa showed me how much distrust Kaya had in strangers, and even more to the point, her distrust of her humans, being evident in the lack of respect she had for them. She was top dog as far as she was concerned, and her humans were her pawns. Sully didn’t even feature in her scope. Some of Sully’s health issues included a skin condition, which required regular baths – this was a huge task to undertake with Kaya not allowing them to take Sully to the bathroom because he would be receiving attention and not her.

The 6 subsequent private lessons and quite a few group classes later were peppered with me chastising Nathalie & Phillipe on their quiet reprimands, instead of being assertive and calm with love and patience. Their frustrations well understood as they weren’t prepared for how long it would take for a permanent change, although slow progress was seen.

Late 2015, the family returned to France first and then headed to Luxembourg as their final stop.

I always worry about how things may turn out. Will the family continue to practice what I have shown them? Will they give up and give in, allowing the dog his/her own way and ultimately ending up with an unmannered, undisciplined dog who may or may not become a liability…Consistency is often an issue….

So you can imagine my relief and happiness at receiving this email from Nathalie recently, along with pictures of two very happy well adjusted dogs.

This is why I do what I do!!!!

KaiaGood day Lucille, 

I hope everything is well for you in Qatar. After a few weeks here in Luxembourg I wanted to share with you how Kaya and Sully are doing. 

We took the opportunity of the move and new life in Luxembourg to reset the new rules like no jumping on the sofa or bed, dog’s place is in the kitchen and they are both sleeping there, dogs do not eat human food while we are eating. I must admit the first nights were awful with Kaya scratching the door, crying and barking but we sticked to it and it worked finally. I had to put 3 layers of cartons on the door to protect it, she woke me up 3, 4 5 times a night (as if I had a small baby to take care) but with patience and persistence we made it and I could take the cartons off the door 2 weeks ago. Now everything is fine. 

SullyWe went to the vet here in Luxembourg for proper registration of those 2 citizens and the vet explained to both of us how serious Sully’s allergy was and the fact that we should not give him any other food than the one for atopic dogs. The only acceptable exception was vegetables with no protein (no butter, no cream), no bread, no rice. It was hard to take the decision and to change this habit he has had since he was a young puppy but for 6 weeks now Sully has only been eating his food (diversified and as tasty as possible) and some ratatouille once in a while to get beautiful red mustache. 

Kaia & SullyWe are walking Kaya and Sully sometimes in the forest and we can now walk Kaya without her lead. She does not go far from us and when she happens to do it we call her back and she comes back. Training with you has worked. When I remember this young dog who was leading us … Everything is not perfect but we will go on working with her and life is nice at home. Kaya has changed from a wild and competitive puppy into a bright, active and tender dog. Many thanks for your support and patience. We wish you a nice end of week. Best, Nathalie

Supporting a good QAWS

The Qatar Animal Welfare Society is a charity very close to my heart.

Having been a committee member of QAWS for 7 years, I know firsthand what goes into the running of this organization – Blood, sweat and tears doesn’t even begin to cover it…. It takes money too… lots and lots of money.

When I joined the committee in June 2007, the shelter consisted of 1 dog block and 1 cat cabin. It could house about 28 dogs in general population and 8 in the isolation unit. The cat block could take about 30 cats and kittens.

In those days, the monthly rental on the land was only around QR3,500 and it cost QR5,000 a month to feed/vaccinate the animals and buy cleaning materials.

On 3rd September 2009, a month after finishing off a new wing, that would house about 24 extra dogs, a fire started in the kitchen section of the original block due to an electrical fault. Within 45 minutes, the entire shelter had burnt to the ground. That day we lost 20 cats and 2 dogs to smoke inhalation. The rest managed to get to safety with the help of a kind passerby and some supporters who managed to get there in time due to their close proximity.

By November 2009, we had a make shift shelter of metal and chain link cages for the dogs and donated portacabins for the cats.

With the help of the community, QAWS was able to rebuild a 40 kennel dog block. More portacabins were donated which were converted into extra kennels and cat cabins. Today, QAWS houses over 130 dogs and puppies, 70 cats and kittens and another 60 or so animals of various specises.

The costs to run QAWS on a monthly basis have gone up annually and currently the monthly spend is over QR50,000 a month. All funded by the generous donations of people like you.

“The QAWS Girls” as the committee are affectionately known, do everything themselves. From fundraising, to vet runs, adoptions, rescues and co-ordinating the running of the facility. These ladies do all this while working fulltime jobs and raising families. What’s more, they don’t get a cent for their efforts. It’s all on a volunteer basis. I cannot recall the number of times we have put our hands in our own pockets to make up the rent, buy food and cleaning materials or pay for medical treatments at the local vets.

Now that you have read this, you will understand why I push events held by this organization – Every cent raised goes towards the dogs and cats who call the shelter their home. QAWS Scavenger Hunt - Resize

Coming up this weekend (20th February) is the QAWS Scavenger Hunt – Its tonnes of fun, so grab some friends or family and send your registration to qaws.events@gmail.com

If glitz and glamour is more your style, then the annual QAWS Fur Ball is for you. A formal black-tie event to be held on 5th March at the Radisson Blu hotel, this event is well known for being THE Ball of the season. You won’t be disappointed as the evening is full of fun and entertainment. It’s the only day(night) of the year you’ll see the QAWS committee in dresses and high-heeled shoes. A change from their usual attire of jeans and polo-necks your used to seeing them in, down at the farm. To reserve a table please mail qaws.furball@gmail.com  (see feature pic for further details)

Please keep an eye on the QAWS Facebook Page for events that will be held in the future.